About Saima

Saima is a qualified Allergy Therapist and Nutritional Advisor who has successfully obtained with distinction, her diploma with the British Institute of Allergy and Environmental Therapy (BIAET).

She undertook further training with the lead instructor for ‘NAET® Europe’ and qualified to Advanced Level as a NAET® practitioner.

She is a member of the British Institute of Allergy and Environmental Therapy and The British Complimentary Medical Association.

Saima’s pursuit for a career in Pharmaceutical Sciences took an unexpected turn when she discovered that her first child had an Autistic Spectrum Disorder. In her quest to do anything to improve and ultimately reverse her son’s condition, she spent the best part of four years researching the causes, symptoms and treatments for neurological disorders in children. She tried everything from special diets (GAPS and metabolic), supplements, chelation therapy and though these helped a great deal, they were not the permanent solution she was searching for. She observed how food and environmental factors affected her son’s speech, behaviour and cognitive function, and realised that the solution would mean not just to manage, but to eliminate the root cause (being allergies) of these symptoms permanently, which lead her to discover the natural and holistic treatments offered by BIAET and NAET®.

NAET® treatment has given Saima’s child a much improved quality of life, whereby he no longer exhibits autistic symptoms and is now able to eat a wide variety of foods. Saima herself has benefited immensely through NAET® treatment, helping her recover from chronic fatigue, caused by multiple food and environmental allergies that she was unaware of prior to her treatment.

Through her research and training, Saima has developed a deep passion for health and nutrition, and strongly believes in natural healing. Having first hand experience of autism and dealing with multiple allergies herself, Saima fully understands the physical and emotional difficulties that these conditions present, and can offer full support and tailored advice to individual patients undertaking the NAET® treatment.