What is NAET

NAET® (Dr Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques) is a unique, all natural, non-invasive therapy that balances the energy flows within the body by removing the blockages caused by the allergen.

NAET® treatment re-programmes the brain and the central nervous system by stimulating pressure points down the spine while the patient holds a vial containing the energetic signature of the allergen.

This technique effectively eliminates the previous response of the brain to the allergen and replaces it with a new healthy one so the body no longer reacts to substances it has been treated for. Upon subsequent exposure, there is no adverse reaction in the body to the substance as it is no longer recognised as a threat. NAET® offers life-long freedom from allergies as it treats the root cause of the allergy, not just the symptoms.

The therapy is used to treat the reactions to substances of any nature including foods, chemicals, environmental substances, pathological agents (yeast/bacteria/viruses), animals, electromagnetic radiation and even emotions.

It is a completely safe and holistic therapy which can be used to treat anyone from the newborn to the elderly, including pregnant women.